More than 150 FABs are already equipped with our SemDex Metrology Systems.

Focus on Quality

sentronics metrology GmbH offers a unique portfolio of measuring solutions for the semiconductor industry. With the SemDex Metrology Systems sentronics metrology provides quality control systems during the entire manufacturing process for all semiconductor FABs and communicates quality results via SECS/GEM to the FAB host.


Over more than 15 years sentronics metrology has designed and delivered optical metrology tools for the semiconductor industry.

The products called SemDex are ranging from semi-automated to fully-automated wafer metrology systems.


All applications are wafer level based. Applications are Wafer Bow, Warp and Flatness, Multilayer Thickness, Thin Film Thickness, Roughness and 2D and 3D Critical Dimensions of Wafer Level Packaging technologies. Applications cover all process steps from Wafer Manufacturing, FEOL, BEOL to Wafer Level Packaging.


Our technologies are based on optical interferometry and optical reflectometry. Spectral Coherence Interferometry allows you to measure single and multilayer thickness and wafer shape. 3D topography gets measured with Interference Microscopy and thin film layer with Reflectometry.


sentronics metrology is a successful provider of semi- and fully automated wafer metrology tools for the semiconductor industry starting from complete manufacturing processes to advanced packaging.

We are a small and flexible key provider of universal and modular metrology tools.

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